Iridology is a non-invasive diagnostic process based on analysis of the patient’s iris, and forms the basis for subsequent holistic treatment plans that can draw on nutritional plans, herbal remedies and lifestyle adjustments.

It is estimated that the iris (the coloured part of the eye) has 28,000 nerve ending which are linked to the organs and tissue of the body. Reflex nerve impulses from the various points of the body, via the hypothalamus, formulate and alter the pattern of the fibres of the iris. By analysing these colours and patterns, an Iridologist can assist the patient in maintaining and restoring optimum health, as well as aiding the patient to be aware of hereditary conditions, inflammation and potential toxicity within the body.

Iridology helps identify:

  • Weakness and strengths in specific areas such as physical, emotional, digestive tract, & muscular skeletal.
  • Acid/alkaline balance – is a person sensitive to acidity within the body?
  • Constitutional type – is one of hardy constitution or better pacing oneself?
  • Toxin over-load – does the patient’s body have a tendency to retain toxins?
  • Hormonal imbalances/influences – some irises show a glandular predisposition and imbalances are easy triggered.
  • Autonomic nervous system imbalances
  • Predisposition to inflammatory responses

Iridology enables the skilled practitioner to assess a persons’ health status, which are influenced by the following factors

  1. Genetic Inheritance
  2. Environment (Diet, lifestyle, etc.)
  3. Emotional/Spiritual Factors
  4. Age

During our one-to-one consultative Iridology session, we will develop a personalised holistic health status assessment, which can be employed to tailor personalised nutritional recommendations & lifestyle adjustments.