We had a very different day at our club today as we had arranged for Jale Egan, an Iridologist and Nutritionist to come and give us a talk. Jale is a lovely lady from Turkey who is married to an Irish man from the West of Ireland.

She has a brilliant personality and sense of humour and she gave us a very interesting talk on what our eyes can tell us about our health. She also gave us some really good information on how the foods we are eating may cause illnesses and gave us advice on what we should include in our diet.

She answered all our questions and spent a lot of her time with us so we are really grateful to her.

Club Secretary, Esker Active Retirement Association

I was feeling very tired and lethargic, due to a busy work and life schedule. A friend recommended I contact Green Lotus Health. Jale recommended a number of practical approaches to treatment including improved nutrition, lifestyle changes, a personalised herbal remedy, and a juicing program. After only two weeks I find I have improved energy and a more positive mental state, and its still early days. I look forward to reviewing the results on my follow up consultations.

Julie, Project Manager

Thank you Jale for a most interesting and informative presentation. We really enjoyed Tuesday morning & Wednesday night. Wishing you all the best in your career.

Secretary of Lucan Branch, Irish County Women's Association

I was sceptical before experiencing the results, but the natural treatments have really improved my sleep. I have no hesitation in recommending Jale and Green Lotus Health to my friends.

Anne, Mother of Two

After suffering three back-to-back chest infections, treated with antibiotics, I needed help to boost my immunity and resistance to infection. Modern medicine helped when I needed to fight the infection, but my doctor could not provide any practical way to prevent infections in the first place.

Jale took the time to listen and made some easy to implement lifestyle changes. Since applying these changes, combined with periodically renewing my herbal remedy designed to boost my immunity, I’ve rarely had even a cold or a sniffle, when I previously caught everything going. In addition, my energy levels have improved.

Tony, IT Professional